Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is is a decentralized finance (DeFi) platform that enables investors to earn returns by investing their crypto assets. Funds are managed by professional traders. Our platform uses blockchain technology to ensure transparency and security without the need for traditional financial intermediaries.

How does differ from traditional banks?

Unlike traditional banks, operates on a decentralized network, offering peer-to-peer financial services that eliminate the need for middlemen. This means lower fees, higher operational transparency, and greater control for users over their financial transactions.

Is safe to use?

Yes, prioritizes user security by leveraging blockchain technology. All transactions are executed through smart contracts, ensuring that no funds can be moved without the predefined criteria being met. However, it is important to note that investing in DeFi platforms inherently carries risks. Market volatility, smart contract vulnerabilities, and other factors can impact investments. While we strive to maintain the highest security standards, is not responsible for any potential losses. Investors should always consider their risk tolerance and invest responsibly.

How do I start investing with

To begin investing on, you will first need to connect your digital wallet rather than creating a traditional account. Digital wallets like MetaMask, Phantom, or Trust Wallet act as your gateway to the decentralized web (Web3) and allow you to interact directly with DeFi platforms securely.

Getting Started: Step-by-Step Guide

1. Choose Your Wallet:

Select a digital wallet that supports Ethereum and other relevant blockchains used by Popular options include MetaMask for Ethereum-based transactions, Phantom for Solana, and Trust Wallet for a mobile-friendly experience.

2. Install the Wallet:

Download and install your chosen wallet. This typically involves adding a browser extension (for desktop) or downloading an app (for mobile devices). Follow the wallet’s instructions to securely set it up, including writing down and safely storing your recovery phrase.

3. Add Funds to Your Wallet:

Transfer cryptocurrency (like ETH, BNB, SOL, or USDT) to your wallet from an exchange or another wallet. These funds will be used to invest in opportunities on

4. Connect Your Wallet to

Visit the website and click ‘Connect Wallet.’ Select your wallet type and confirm the connection. This step securely links your wallet to our platform without us ever having access to your private keys.

5. Choose a Fund and Invest:

Once connected, browse the available investment funds managed by professional traders. Each fund will provide details about expected returns, risk assessment, and the trader’s track record. Choose one that aligns with your investment goals and risk tolerance.

6. Confirm Your Investment:

Follow the prompts to allocate a portion of your crypto to the chosen fund. Your funds will be locked in a smart contract, ensuring they cannot be withdrawn by anyone, including Unbanking, until you choose to withdraw.

7. Withdraw Your Funds Anytime:

You can withdraw your funds (part or all) at any time. Upon withdrawal, the trader will receive their profit share (typically 25% of the profits generated), and the platform will charge a 0.5% fee.

By connecting your wallet and investing directly through it, you retain full control over your digital assets, ensuring a secure and transparent investment process on This method not only enhances security but also aligns with the decentralized ethos of giving users control over their financial activities.

What cryptocurrencies can I invest with?

You can invest using various cryptocurrencies, including ETH, BNB, SOL, and USDT. Your returns will also be paid out in the cryptocurrency you used to invest.

Are there any fees involved?

Yes, there are fees involved with, but they are straightforward and transparent. We charge a 0.5% fee on both deposits and withdrawals. Additionally, when you withdraw your profits, the trader receives a 25% share of the profits generated. There are no hidden fees or monthly charges.

Can I withdraw my investment at any time?

Yes, you can withdraw your investment at any time. There is no lock-in period. Your funds are secured in a smart contract, and you have full control to withdraw part or all of your investment whenever you choose. Upon withdrawal, a 0.5% fee is applied, and the trader will receive their 25% share of the profits generated.

Who manages the investments on

Investments are managed by skilled traders who have been thoroughly vetted. Investors can choose traders based on their performance history and trading strategies.

How are returns calculated?

Returns on your investments at are primarily based on the trading performance of the funds you choose to invest in. Our platform gathers seasoned traders whose strategies have historically aimed to generate returns within the range of 15-30% APY, depending on market conditions and the specific strategies employed.

What happens if a trader performs poorly?

While all traders on are thoroughly vetted, investing in cryptocurrencies always involves risks, including the possibility of losses. We provide complete performance transparency, but profits cannot be guaranteed. It’s crucial to choose funds and traders based on your risk tolerance and their performance history. If you lose confidence in a trader or fund, you can withdraw your investment at any time to mitigate potential losses.

How does ensure the security of my investments? secures your investments using Ethereum and Solana smart contracts. These smart contracts execute automatically based on predefined terms, ensuring that your funds are protected from external interference. This technology guarantees that only you can access and control your investments, providing a robust and secure environment for your assets.

Can I see the trading activity on my invested funds?

Yes, all trading activities are recorded on the blockchain and are visible for investors to track. This ensures full transparency over your investments.

How is a profit-sharing model better than copy trading?

Would you like to copy what Warren Buffet does? Or would you rather have Warren Buffett manage your money? Copy trading is not as effective as widely believed: Timing and Execution: Copy trading often results in slippage, meaning the price at which you execute a trade may differ from that of the trader you’re copying, potentially diminishing returns. Market Impact: High volumes of copy trading can influence the market, making it difficult to achieve the same entry or exit points as the trader, especially in volatile conditions. Control and Customization: Copy trading offers less control over investment strategies. You replicate actions without tailoring them to your financial goals or risk tolerance.

Profit sharing, by contrast, aligns your interests with those of expert traders who actively manage your investments, aiming to maximize returns directly through their expertise and strategic decision-making. This partnership approach motivates traders to achieve the best results, as their compensation is tied directly to the success of your investments.

How is a profit-sharing model better than fixed (or floating) interest?

  1. Sustainability: Traditional interest-paying models, such as those used by companies like BlockFi, have shown vulnerabilities, leading to bankruptcies. These models often rely on lending to traders using excessive leverage, which is risky and unsustainable in volatile markets.
  2. Risk Management: In contrast, profit sharing does not depend on fixed returns generated from high-risk lending strategies. Instead, it ties earnings directly to the actual performance of investments, managed by expert traders without the unsustainable use of leverage.
  3. Alignment of Interests: Profit sharing aligns the interests of investors and traders, ensuring that traders are motivated to perform well. Unlike fixed interest models that promise returns regardless of market conditions, profit sharing provides returns only from successful trading strategies, making it inherently safer and more responsive to market realities.

This approach not only enhances the safety and stability of investments but also encourages a more cautious and strategic management of your assets.

Do I need to complete KYC to use

No, does not require KYC checks, upholding the principles of anonymity and privacy in the DeFi ecosystem. Our platform is accessible globally, welcoming users from all regions without compromising on security.

Is my investment insured? What happens if discontinues its service?

Investments in DeFi, including those made on, are not insured. This is typical of decentralized platforms and should be considered when investing. In the unlikely event of discontinuation, the smart contracts will still execute as programmed, and funds locked in contracts will be returned to investors as specified by their terms.

What is the DAO aspect of will soon transition to operate as a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO), enabling platform users to participate in governance through tokens. These governance tokens allow users to vote on key decisions and influence platform operations.

Key Features of the DAO Transition: will soon transition to operate as a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO), enabling platform users to participate in governance through tokens. These governance tokens allow users to vote on key decisions and influence platform operations. Key Features of the DAO Transition: Token Issuance and Buyback: Governance tokens will be issued to users, providing them with voting rights on platform decisions. Additionally, revenue generated from platform commissions will be used to buy back these tokens, supporting their value and aligning with user interests. Decentralized Control: This transition ensures that control over is democratized, allowing our community to directly influence its development and operations. This strategic approach enhances both the transparency and accountability of, while actively involving our users in its evolution.

How can I participate in the governance of and what about token distribution?

Currently, does not have a governance token available. However, in the future, we plan to conduct a fair launch to distribute tokens to our users. This method ensures a transparent and equitable allocation of tokens, providing all participants with an equal opportunity to acquire them at launch.

Key Details of Token Participation and Distribution:

Future Token Sale: The tokens, once launched, will enable holders to participate in governance decisions, such as proposing or voting on platform updates and changes. Fair Launch: The launch will be designed to prevent pre-sales or early access to a select few, aligning with our commitment to fairness and community involvement. Governance Role: Token holders will play a crucial role in shaping the platform by influencing fee structures, feature additions, and strategic direction.