Earn Passive Income from Crypto -
Up to 25% APY

Let professional traders manage your funds. Experience a simple, secure, and community-driven way to grow your wealth.

Unbanking revolutionizes crypto asset management by leveraging blockchain for secure, decentralized financial services.

Experience the potential for returns through profit-sharing with expert crypto traders, enhancing your financial freedom and control without traditional banks.

100+ Assets. Endless Opportunities.

Step into a world of choice with our extensive range of over 100 assets, covering diverse categories and multiple chains.

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Why Choose Unbanking.io?

Passive Income

Invest your crypto assets and let the professionals do the work. Sit back and watch your investments grow.

Professional Traders

We partner with vetted, top-performing traders. You get to choose your favorite trader to manage your investments.


Every transaction and trade executed by the trader is visible on the blockchain, allowing you to track your investments with complete clarity.


Your funds are securely locked in smart contracts, ensuring they cannot be withdrawn by anyone.

Earn in Your Preferred Crypto

Your profits are paid in the currency you deposit, such as ETH, BNB, SOL, USDT, and more.

No Hidden Fees

Enjoy a transparent fee structure with a 0.5% fee on deposits and withdrawals, and no monthly fees.

Automatic Payouts

Profits are automatically paid out at the end of the investment period through smart contracts.

Unlock DeFi

Experience financial freedom with peer-to-peer transactions and full control over your assets, bypassing traditional intermediaries.

How it works

Select Your Fund
Step 1
Select Your Fund

Choose a fund managed by a professional trader. You’ll see key details like the type of cryptocurrency, expected annual returns, risk assessment and the trader’s strategy. All traders are verified and transparent.

Invest and Relax
Step 2
Invest and Relax

Deposit your cryptocurrency into your chosen fund, where your funds are securely locked in a smart contract. Expert traders will manage your investment to maximize returns. Enjoy peace of mind as you monitor your investment in real-time with complete transparency.

Collect Your Profits
Step 3
Collect Your Profits

Withdraw your funds anytime directly to your wallet in the same cryptocurrency you invested. For example, if you invest 10 ETH with a 25% annual return, you'll receive 11.25 ETH after 180 days. Additionally, if the value of the cryptocurrency increases, your returns in USDT could be even higher.